About Us

It is our mission to create and curate pieces that will seamlessly enhance your wardrobe. Our designs are simple statement pieces that will quickly become staples in your everyday attire.

folksie is handmade in our Dallas design studio by our team, one piece at a time. Each design has its own story, and we know that story is not complete until it finds its home. The folks who wear folksie are deliberate and construct their own style using what others may deem "ordinary" pieces.

We believe in small-batch production, quality sourcing, and socially responsible employment. Rather than pushing through mass-production runs, our skilled team members create each piece with care and quality, designed to last. Our small-batch production also ensures that you will be one of a select few folks wearing one of these pieces

 About our Founder & Designer, Julie McCullough

    Folkie founder Julie McCullough’s path to fashion designer, seamstress and maker may seem unlikely but it’s actually not too surprising.  Born and raised in rural Michigan, she counted activities such as cutting wood, playing in the garden with her father, canning foods and making homemade pasta with her mother and building forts with her friends amongst her favorites as a child. 

She then attended Indiana University and Columbia College, eventually landing in a position as a Media Strategist for several prominent companies associated with the “dot com boom” of the 1990’s.  While she excelled in this position, she felt that she had a different calling in life.

Throwing caution to the wind and moving to Dallas on a whim, she left the dot com world and began working towards opening Make + Made in 2005, just a few years after arriving in Dallas. At the time, McCullough was just beginning to learn how to sew. The pleasure that she derived from those lessons fueled Make + Made, originally envisioned as an entity to offer sewing classes and emphasize the fun of hand-making goods. That simple idea has now grown into a local manufacture for her clothing line that she founded in 2011, Folksie, as well as other independent brands. 

A source of pride for McCullough is that the manufacture is run as a family based business of independent women and single mothers who earn an above average living wage for their work.

As Make + Made grew, McCullough first established a presence with Urban Bazaar in 2006 and one year later, founded The Pin Show as an event to showcase talented local designers and their creations. The show has grown exponentially since then and for the past two years, has filled The Bomb Factory in Dallas with fashion lovers, buyers and fellow designers from all around the country.

The common thread running through all of her endeavors is her love of making, exploring and collaborating. Travel fuels not only her creativity but her vision for growing the ever expanding community of makers and artists in the Dallas community and beyond. She aspires to be a champion of those who enjoy the process of hand making goods and inspires belief in the passion of the self-made creator