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Corrie Pocta Creates Classic Pieces by Hand

Julie McCullough

The first time we laid eyes on the work of Corrie Pocta, we were smitten. Then we found out that she designs, cuts, and sews everything by hand and we were truly impressed.  Her craftsmanship and attention to what some might say is old world details are impeccable and her classic shapes are timeless.  We were charmed from the start!

Home with The Don Juans

Julie McCullough

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We've always had a crush on the Don Juans, a powerhouse eye for art and design at an accessible level, and then we caught a glimpse of their home, and pretty much died and came back to life. Naturally it had to be a feature on The Folksie Way, and why not our first!   Miguel is an original member of the Grafitti and Street Art Crew, The Sour Grapes, and an Art Teacher at Trinity Basin.  Diana is an ER nurse by day and Design Enthusiast by night.    Q: What objects have been most significant to you lately? ...

Tomorrow is the day!

Julie McCullough